Michel Gondry’s Home Movie Factory

It’s going to get creative, crazy, loud, flashy, funny and completely different at the Deutsches Filmmuseum. Michel Gondry’s Home Movie Factory will transform the museum into an interactive film set. In the Home Movie Factory, it’s all about team spirit. There is no entry fee and groups of five to twelve people will have the opportunity to shoot their own film in under three hours.

With his project, Oscar®-winning French director Michel Gondry has inspired people worldwide to use their imagination to produce their own films. Now, this project is coming to Germany for the first time ever.

Following a detailed protocol, the groups—whose members often meet for the first time on location—go through every stage of the Home Movie Factory together. They pick the genre and title of their film, come up with a story, are in charge of the casting process, and direct the actual shot. The final stage is a small cinema, in which the groups get the chance to watch their own film together before it is added to the ever growing archive of the Home Movie Factory.

How does the Home Movie Factory work?

The core of the Home Movie Factory is a selection of sets—including an office, a bar, and a car—all of which are ready to be used for a variety of genre films. As soon as the group has decided on a story, roles have been assigned, and the costumes have been chosen, the production can begin. The actual shot may last up to one hour.

What is the aim?

Participants should not expect to create a cinematic masterpiece. Instead, team work is at the forefront of the project. Whether or not group members have known each other in advance or meet for the first time in the Home Movie Factory, the main aim of the project is to give them the chance to experience the unique group dynamic that arises out of pursuing a common goal.

Who can participate?

Everyone! Children, teenagers, adults, amateurs and professionals, singles or families, private individuals or business people. The Movie Factory’s goal is to bring people together.

INDIVIDUAL VISITORS can start their free tour of the Home Movie Factory from Tuesday to Friday between 11.15 am and 3 pm and between 10:15 am and 14:45 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. A new 3h group tour that includes up to twelve independent visitors begins every 45 minutes. Places can be booked in advance online or on site at the Filmmuseum.

SCHOOL CLASSES can visit the Movie Factory from Tuesday to Friday morning. Tours can be scheduled to start between 8:15 and 9:45 am. Depending on the start time, the tours will conclude between 12 pm and 1:30 pm. Due to the group size limitations of the Home Movie Factory, large classes will be divided into two groups.

The Factory does also accomodate PRIVATE GROUPS: You can book the programme for your exclusive use for birthdays, club outings, company celebrations, stag and hen parties etc. subject to payment of a fee. Outside normal opening hours (between 4:30 and 9 pm, and by arrangement), our sets will be put at the sole disposal of your group.

Looking for a TEAM BUILDING EXERCISE? The Home Movie Factory provides the ideal setting for your team building exercise or business event. We are happy to accommodate large groups and you also have the option to combine your exclusive tour with dinner or an on-set drink reception. We look forward to arranging an unforgettable event for you. Please contact us for details and to discuss your individual offer. Bookings can be made after 4:30 pm or by appointment.