About the Project


Anyone can make a film – all you need is a good idea. Michel Gondry’s Home Movie Factory seeks to prove this very point. With the help of a handbook which will guide you and your team from your initial ideas, to filming on sets at the Deutsches Filmmuseum, right up to the finished film itself, you will shoot your own film in just three hours. They are not meant to be artistic masterpieces, but rather individual, creative treasures: you’ll like this film because you’re in it.

The Deutsches Filmmuseum is proud to present Michel Gondry’s Home Movie Factory in Frankfurt am Main – the first time the project has been to Germany. The Movie Factory has been travelling around the world for nine years: from New York to São Paulo (2008), Paris (2011), Rotterdam, Moscow and Johannesburg (2012), Casablanca and Tokyo (2014), Cannes and Roubaix 2015), Wallers-Arenberg in France and El Jadida in Morocco (2016). You can view a photo gallery of previous sets on the website “L’Usine de films amateurs”.

The starting point for the project was Michel Gondry’s feature film BE KIND REWIND (US 2008). Here the two friends Mike (Mos Def) and Jerry (Jack Black) become filmmakers by accident. In order to replace the tapes which were inadvertently deleted in Mike’s video store, they quickly reshoot classics like GHOSTBUSTERS (US 1984) and end up enjoying great success in their neighbourhood with their trashy remakes.

With the first home movie factory in New York, director Michel Gondry wanted to realise his idea of collaborative filmmaking. Sets were built that would be an inspiration for particular film genres or scenarios: a doctor’s office, a café, a bedroom, part of a forest or the video library from BE KIND REWIND. Everyone was to have the opportunity of realising their creative ideas on film. Most importantly, this self-made entertainment should be one thing: fun.

Video in French language: Michel Gondry about the Home Movie Factory


Michel Gondry is a director of feature films, documentaries, short films, advertisements and music videos, as well as a screenwriter and producer. His creativity and desire to realise his ideas in his own unique way are the hallmarks of this great filmmaker. What emerges from his work is something playful, something dreamlike, and something which is always creative.

With ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND (US 2004) starring Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey, Michel Gondry won an Oscar® for Best Screenplay. His previous films include HUMAN NATURE (US 2001), DAVE CHAPPELLE’S BLOCK PARTY (US 2005) and LA SCIENCE DES RÊVES (The Science of Sleep, FR 2006). BE KIND REWIND was also the basis for Gondry’s first book: You’ll Like This Film Because You’re In It. The Be Kind Rewind Protocol. The film and book laid the theoretical foundations for the Movie Factory.

GONDRY ‘s subsequent films include THE THORN IN THE HEART (FR 2009), THE GREEN HORNET (US 2011), THE WE AND THE I (2012), L’ÉCUME DES JOURS (Mood Indigo, FR 2013) based on the novel by Boris Vain, and IS THE MAN WHO IS TALL HAPPY? (FR 2013). His latest film MICROBE ET GASOIL (Microbe & Gasoline, FR 2015) combines a coming-of-age comedy with a road movie about – what else? – two dreamers.

Alongside his career as a feature film director, Gondry has made several music videos. He has collaborated with internationally renowned performers including The White Stripes, Daft Punk, Foo Fighters, Chemical Brothers, Beck and Sinéad O’Connor by designing labyrinthine visual inner worlds for them. The music video for Björk’s “Human Behavior” is one of his most successful pieces of work.