What can I expect when visiting the Movie Factory?
You will shoot a film with other people!
More specifically, your visit to the Movie Factory will be a three-hour tour along various stations over the course of which you will plan your own film as part of a group of up to twelve people. You will finish by shooting it.
Who can visit the Movie Factory?
Museum visitors of all ages can take part. Visitors under the age of twelve must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
How much does it cost to visit the Movie Factory? Is admission really free?
Yes! Admission for individual visitors and school groups is free. Anyone wishing to visit the Movie Factory as a private group or as part of a corporate event etc. can make an exclusive booking for a fixed date upon payment of a fee.
How many people can I register to take part in the Movie Factory?
In order to shoot an imaginative film rich in ideas within the given time of three hours, you need five to twelve group members who are at least in part unknown to each other. Come by yourself or bring up to four other people. Your group will be joined by up to seven other participants. Larger groups who wish to have exclusive use of the Movie Factory can book the space for a fee.
How often do the sessions begin and how can I register?
A new group starts every 45 minutes. The earliest starting time for school groups is 8:15 am on weekdays. The earliest starting times for individual visitors is 11:15 am on weekdays and 10:15 am at the weekend. Anyone wishing to book the offer for a private group (for a fee) can start at at 4:30 pm. You can request information about available times online (for individual visitors), by telephone (0049 (0)69 9612 205 85) and in person at reception. Bookings can also be made this way.
What time should I arrive?
Ideally you should arrive 15 minutes before the start of your booked tour so that there is enough time for you to learn about the procedures and the general terms and conditions. This will allow the group to start on time.
Can I visit the Movie Factory as a solo visitor?
Yes! Michel Gondry’s concept is even explicitly designed so that the participants only get to know each other during a tour through the Movie Factory.
Can I take part in a tour of the Movie Factory without a prior booking?
Yes, you are welcome just to turn up on the day. As there are a maximum of twelve people per tour, there may be waiting times of up to one hour. There is a great programme available at the Movie Factory for visitors as they wait for the next tour to begin.
How many groups can visit the Movie Factory at the same time?
Three groups can be in the Movie Factory at three different stations at any given time.
How is a tour of the Movie Factory organised?
The tour is divided into four phases:
1.) Workshop 1: Preparation (45 minutes)
With the aid of a handbook, the group decides on the genre, title and plot of the film and allocates the different tasks.
2.) Workshop 2: Filming schedule (45 minutes)
The group collaborates on the screenplay and decides on costumes and casting – everyone in the group takes part!
3.) Filming (60 minutes)
The film is shot and then edited in-camera.
4.) Film screening (30 minutes)
At the end, the group watches their work together in the small cinema and creates a DVD cover for the “distribution copy”.
Is the Movie Factory suitable for school classes, after-school groups etc.?
Yes, it is suitable for students and children from sixth grade upwards. The Movie Factory opens at 8 am every weekday. School classes are divided into two groups. The groups will begin the tour 45 minutes apart.
Do teachers and carers participate in the tour?
School classes, after-school groups etc. must be accompanied by a supervisor throughout the tour. Everyone is welcome to take part in the tour. Supervisors working with their group together on a collaborative film project can have a positive and creative effect on the group dynamic.
What can visitors do while waiting for their tour to begin?
There is a great programme of 45 minutes available for visitors as they wait for the tour to begin. Those with more time might like to visit the permanent exhibition to discover more about the history of filmmaking and film viewing.
Can private groups book the Movie Factory for their exclusive use?
Yes, groups can book the Movie Factory for their exclusive use upon payment of a fee, be it for a birthday celebration, a stag or hen party, a club outing etc. More information is available here.
Can I book the Movie Factory for a company celebration, a team building activity or a corporate event for my staff?
Yes, we have a range of offers for companies and businesses. More information is available here.
When is the Movie Factory open?
During normal opening hours, the Movie Factory is open between 11 am and 6 pm (for school groups from 8 am) on Tuesdays to Fridays, and from 10 am to 6 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Further details about the opening hours can be found here.
Can I keep the finished film?
Yes! The DVD with cover designed by the group is kept in the extensive Movie Factory archive, but you can take a copy of the DVD home with you.